LLC "Ecopolis Certification and Service"
International Specialists With More Than 20 Years Climate Change Related Experience
  • CO2 emissions
  • CO2 absorption
  • projects for reduction of CO2 emissions
  • determination of emissions related to production
CO2 inventories
  • industry
  • infrastructure
  • ecosystems
  • agricultural production
Energy efficiency
  • analysis of energy consumption
  • audit of energy consumption
  • proposals for reduction
  • energy management issues
Production related emissions
  • industry
  • energy
  • agriculture
  • transport
Emission reduction strategies
  • industry
  • municipal infrastructure
  • Regions
  • other
  • management systems
  • internal emissions reporting
  • energy efficiency
  • audit and verification

Energy Saving Programs Prepared

CO2 Inventarizations Concluded

Projects for the Reduction of CO2 Implemented

Verifications for CO2 Concluded
> 1 700 000
CO2 Tons Documented and Transferred
  • Tested Methodologies
    Employees of "Ecopolis Certification and Service" work on the basis of methodologies and approaches that have been frequently and successfully implemented with a view to solve all problems, and the methodologies used are constantly updated in order to ensure the highest efficiency of the work.
  • Comprehensive Work Experience
    The "Ecopolis" team is a group of highly qualified specialists that have worked together for 20 years and performed major verification and inventarization as well as projects to decrease emissions.
  • Broad Horizon
    "Ecopolis Certification and Service"s team is experienced in a broad range of sustainability and emissions reductions related tasks relating to many sectors, including industry, agriculture and municipal objects
Reviews and Recommendations
  • Green Graphite LLC.
    I express my gratitude to Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC for the work "Calculation of direct and indirect energy emissions of greenhouse gases for 2021 and the selected year with the largest number of manufactured products" for the EPM Group... read more
  • Concern Russian Activities
    We do not intend to discontinue our services in Russia insofar as they are allowed. In particular, we are of the opinion that combating global warming needs to be tackled as a joint global task including all countries, irrespective of any current conflicts and political crises... read more
  • PJSC "Gazprom Neft"
    The company's employees showed high professionalism, efficiency and involvement in work, and also used modern methodological tools and European standards for their functionality. We were completely satisfied with the quality of the services provided and hope to develop the existing business and friendly relations... read more
  • BerezkaGaz Management Ltd.
    We would like to express our gratitude to Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC for the verification of climate projects on behalf of the international expert network, greenhouse gas verifier, Verico SCE (Germany). Ecopolis specialists showed high professionalism, efficiency and initiative... read more
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI)
    "In 2012, Ecopolis Ltd. has participated in the development of an information system that was undertaken on the basis of an in depth review of the ecological options for the energy industry and the disposal salt slag to be included into the OSI BPT" (Open System of Information on Best Available and Perspective Nature Protection Technologies) It is important to note that there is no analogue to the OSI BPT in the world..." read more
  • PO Khimprom LLC
    During all this time, or working relationship with Ecopolis LLC the Ecopolis employees were highly professional, oriented towards substance and took initiatives. We were fully satisfied by of our joint cooperation... read more
    Colleagues from Ecopolis Ltd. performed these tasks competently and with high professional skills. He delivered reports and the project design documents of high quality in both Russian and English. Moreover, throughout the project he has been a spirited team member and his motivation had a positive effect on the other team members... read more
  • Letter from the State Enterprise "MEI" to the General Director of "Ecopolis" LLC V. S. Vekovtsev
    Moscow Energy Institute (the technical institute – National Research Institute of
    the University expresses its gratefulness for the flexible and responsible approach to the preparation of the Moscow Energy Institute (the technical institute – National Research Institute of the University in full accordance with the contract in a short
    term... read more
  • Verico sce
    Mr. Rogankov and his colleagues from Ecopolis Ltd. performed these tasks competently and with high professional skills. He/they delivered mission reports and filled audit checklists of high quality in both Russian and English... read more
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