Participation in the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism or CBAM certificates

The expectation is for the European Commission to officially launch the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) on July 14.

A draft of the corresponding document was leaked to the press: the Regulation on the Establishment of the CBAM (https://renen.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/CBAM-Regulation-Draft.pdf) with attachments (https://renen.ru/wp -content / uploads / 2015/09 / CBAM-regulation-ANNNEXES-Draft.pdf).

It is proposed that the carbon footprint will be verified by a verifier included in the register of verifiers as set for by the CBAM authority.

According to clause 2 of Article 18 of the draft CBAM Regulation, if it becomes law in force, verifiers accredited by the EU ETS “will be considered verifiers in accordance with this Regulation”.

The international expert network Verico SCE (https://verico.eu/de, Germany), of which Ecopolis Certification and Service is a participant and official representative in Russia, has the appropriate accreditation in the EU ETS.

Verico SCE, as an accredited and registered validation and verification body according to ISO 14065, including ISO 14064-1 (corporate stocks, carbon reporting, carbon footprint) and ISO 14064-2 (emission reduction projects, climate projects), is actively involved in activities regarding MRV (in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia and other countries) and offers:
    •Services of verification and confirmation of calculations of the carbon footprint per unit of production, including according to the recommendations of the GHG Protocol.
    Verifier services for the inventory of GHG emissions sources and specialized carbon reporting.
    Verification of reported data on GHG emissions from activities, including direct emissions (Scope 1), energy indirect emissions (Scope 2) and major other indirect emissions (Scope 3).
    Verifier services for climate projects contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions.
    Greenhouse gas emission MRV training (monitoring, reporting, verification).

We are looking forward to working together!