Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC is an international verifier!

We are proud to announce that Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC has become a member and Russian representative of the Verico SCE expert network (https://www.verico.eu/en).
Verico SCE is the only accredited cooperative in the world that offers all the services related to greenhouse gas certification and verification generaly in accordance with ISO 14065 and for energy management systems (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001.
Verico’s current network includes experts for emissions accounting and potential emission reductions in all sectors and activities that involve greenhouse gases, including specialists from and for the European Union, the United Kingdom, China, the Americas, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Russia (https://www.verico.eu/en/verico/team).

All members of Verico SCE have experience as experts and auditors in multiple industries. Throughout many years and including back to the very inception of the ETS, Verico SCE members have conducted thousands of audits of greenhouse gas emissions reports and evaluated numerous projects involving the transfer of quotas for almost all industries, including for aviation. 
As accredited and registered validation and verification body according to ISO 14065, in particular ISO 14064-1 (organization level) and ISO 14064-2 (emission reduction at project level), Verico SCE, takes active part in involved in capacity building for new MRV and ETS schemes, for instance in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico and Russia, and trains national auditors, experts and trainers.

The encompassing competence of Verico SCE members as evaluators and experts ensures a personalized, consistent and cost-effective approach to implementing our commitments and projects such as:
• certification of industrial and non-industrial energy management systems;
• verification of greenhouse gas emission reports and applications for free quotas;
• capacity building projects in relation to MRV and greenhouse gas inventories.

Based on our many years of experience, we know what we are talking about when it comes to topics such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and the development of verification or accreditation procedures.
On behalf of Verico SCE, in the last months, we have verified projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by Gazprom Neft, BerezkaGaz, BP-Rosneft and many others in Russia.


The active participation of Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC in the Verico SCE network will facilitate the international recognition of Russian carbon units, projects and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the qualifications of national auditors, trainers and experts on regional and corporate climate management in Russia!