We have signed an Agreement on strategic partnership and joint activities with the Federal State Budgetary Institution " YU. A. IZRAEL INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL CLIMATE AND ECOLOGY" (IGCE).

The deep expertise of the international Ecopolis Certification and Service team together with the long-term experience of IGCE climate research opens up new horizons for improving approaches in the field of greenhouse gas emissions reductions for the effective achievement of national goals and global climate change mitigation.

Without any doubts we foresee fruitful work within the framework of common interests in terms of ecology, climate change mitigation and preserving the natural heritage of the Russian Federation!
Learn more about IGCE (http://www.igce.ru/):
IGCE conducts fundamental and applied scientific research, provides services in the field of hydrometeorology and climatology, as well as monitoring the state of the environment, including its pollution.

IGCE specialists actively cooperate within the framework of international organizations and programs:
• Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),
• Bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN FCCC),
• World Meteorological Organization (WMO),
• Joint Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of Long-range Transport of Air Pollutants in Europe (EMER),
• International Joint Program for Integrated Monitoring of the Impact of Air Pollution on Ecosystems (ICP IM),
• Acid Fallout Monitoring Networks in East Asia (EANET).