Global Hydro Rus is the new strategic partner of "Ecopolis Certification and Service"has joined the Russian Agro-Climate Initiative

Agriculture is coming to the key part of the climate agenda today. At the same time, the pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of products from the regulator, investors and consumers is increasing, and on the other hand, there are opportunities to generate additional income through the implementation of climate programs and projects that make it possible to turn agriculture from a source of the problem of negative human impact on the environment and climate into a key element of its solution. This will require a change in all agrotechnological stages, which is impossible without active involvement of all industries participants to ensure motivation and support for farmers.
The Russian Agro-Climate Initiative (RACI) was created to consolidate the efforts of agricultural holdings, farms, cooperatives, fertilizer companies, agricultural machinery, energy equipment, food and retail chains in order to absorb CO2 and reduce or reset their carbon footprint. Today, several Russian and foreign agricultural holdings have already confirmed their participation in this initiative.
On November 30, 2021, Nikolay Safronov, CEO of Global Hydro Rus LLC, at a meeting with Vyacheslav Vekovtsev, CEO of Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC, announced his intention to join and actively support the Russian Agro-Climatic Initiative. "Small hydropower for Russian farmers is not only an environmentally friendly way to solve the problems of energy supply for remote and hard-to-reach territories and farms through the formation of active energy complexes, but it is also a potential source of income for investors”, Mr. Safronov said.
RACI objectives
  • Joint development of CO2 sequestration technology for different agro-climatic zones of Russia from pilot projects to their scaling.
  • Training farmers to use this technology and support in the fields. 
  • Providing control, tracking and verification of sequestered CO2 with subsequent registration of them in the form of carbon credits.
  • Creation of a legal and financial basis for trading carbon credits in the form of an exchange to motivate farmers. 
Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC (http://ecopolis-sert.com  - the founder company of RACI has been specializing in the assessment of the carbon footprint of products and verification of statements on greenhouse gases for more than 20 years, and is also the only official representative of a unique international expert network in Russia, Verico SCE, a verifier of greenhouse gases (https://www.verico.eu/en). The active participation of Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC as part of the Verico SCE global cooperative will contribute to the international recognition of Russian carbon units, projects, reports and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the Russian Agro-Cultural Climate Initiative.
Global Hydro Rus LLC (https://www.global-hydro.ru/globalhydrorus) is 100% subsidiary of the Austrian hydro-power equipment plant Global Hydro Energy GmbH on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The company helps to implement investment projects for the new construction and reconstruction of hydroelectric power plants, hydroelectric power plants, small and mini hydroelectric power plants, providing integrated systems based on hydroelectric units of its own design and production.