We are Working on Business Trainings!

Alongside with well know, highly knowledgeable experts we were invited to prepare business trainings about the most relevant topics related to climate management.

On behalf of "Ecopolis Certification and Service" presentations will be made by:
  • Max Gutbrod - (Managing Partner of Ecopolis Certification and Service) about an “Overview of carbon markets, European carbon tax, international cooperation, transactions with carbon units”.
  • Nina Korobova - (Executive Director of "Ecopolis Certification and Service" - about "Carbon footprint and its consideration when making investment decisions".
  • Vladimir Nechaev - (Co-founder, Head of the certification body for greenhouse gas approvals OS UPG "Ecopolis Certification and Service") - topic "Verification of climate projects and reporting, standards, requirements, methods"

Materials will have theoretical and practical parts and include a business-game.
Depending on the reaction, we plan a broader program on the basis of an educational institution.
Stay tuned, it should be quite interesting!