Agreement on strategic partnership and joint activities with FGBU VO "NRU MPEI"

Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC and National Research University MPEI signed an agreement on strategic partnership and joint activities.

The Parties, recognizing the importance and specific nature of the tasks solved by each of them, agreed on a comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in order to ensure favorable conditions for the activities of the Parties in areas that are the subject of joint interest of the Parties, in particular:

- realizing the potential of renewable energy sources (hereinafter - RES) in Russia and the CIS by implementing them as climate projects in accordance with international and national provisions of carbon regulation,

- information support for the RES industry in terms of green financing instruments linked to sustainable development goals, as well as the market for green certificates.

The Parties also agreed that the strategic partnership will be ensured through joint interaction of the Parties with state regulatory bodies, the media, as well as government, commercial organizations and non-profit organizations whose activities are of interest to the Parties. The main forms of cooperation include, but are not limited to the following list:

- work on the initialization and implementation of state programs for financing projects aimed at the development of low-carbon and carbon-free energy technologies, including those based on renewable energy sources,

- expert-consulting and expert-analytical work, monitoring of R&D programs, innovative developments, projects for the introduction of low-carbon and carbon-free generation, energy saving and energy efficiency,

- organizing joint events (round tables, conferences, colloquia, webinars, etc.) on the basis of the MPEI with the participation of representatives of companies in the industrial and energy sectors, government authorities, scientific and public organizations to highlight and discuss topical issues of low-carbon development of the economy to form and promote positive image of the Parties at the national and international levels,

- targeted training on the basis of the MPEI of specialists for the needs of Ecopolis Certification and Service, as well as the participation of Ecopolis Certification and Service employees in the development of relevant educational programs for additional professional education as experts in greenhouse gas emissions and climate management.