A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with a leading broker in Europe

Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a leading broker in Europe!
The broker is linked to a company that takes an active position in the trade and sale of energy resources and related logistics, namely natural gas, LNG, electricity, oil and products, carbon units, foreign exchange trading and much more.
The focus is on Europe, there also is activity in Asia, Africa and America. The company has subsidiaries in the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, France and the USA

This cooperation will allow the company "Ecopolis Certification and Service" to:
• Access an extensive customer network in order to better meet customer carbon needs.
• Provide services and products to support customers in their impact on emissions and reduction targets, both in compliance and voluntary markets, including emission reductions and carbon offsetting, gas and electricity.
• Offer high quality carbon solutions to both carbon emitters and end users.
• Provide a global continuous business to monetize environmental opportunities.

Working with Ecopolis Certification and Service LLC and contributing to combatting climate change can create opportunities for companies to create value, long-term sustainability and attract your customers and employees.
• LLC "Ecopolis Certification and Service":
• Conducts a thorough due diligence prior to participating in projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
• Can take over all development work for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including:
- Organization of preparation of design and technical documentation;
- Organization of validation and verification by a European auditor;
- Registration of a project in one of the European countries;
- Marketing of the received credits to certified users from the EU;
• May consider funding this activity through a commercial agreement.
• Helps Companies to generate additional revenue from projects, without additional investments.
• We can also offer contacts to quality forward purchases of voluntary carbon credits to capture your hedges and claims.