We are in KORSIA

Today we (Verico https://www.verico.eu/en) received the approval as GCC verifier, enabling us to validate and verify projects under that scheme. As GCC is meanwhile accepted by CORSIA for delivering verified emission reductions, this market expects to see some hundred of projects to be submitted every year. 

Dear Verico SCE Team,

We are glad to inform you that GCC Program, as per the ‘Procedure for Approval of GCC Verifiers’ (https://www.globalcarboncouncil.com/resource-centre.html), has approved Verico SCE (GCCV-006/00) as the GCC Verifier for two years till 22 January 2024 for the GCC scopes and GHG sectoral scopes as mentioned in the attached ‘GCC Verifier Evaluation Report’, ‘GCC Verifier Certificate’ and the terms and conditions stipulated in the signed ‘GCC Verifiers agreement’.

Issuance Interface: IHS Markit Registry: https://products.markit.com/home/login.jsp . You will soon receive email from the IHS Markit on your login details to access your account and submit Monitoring Report and request for Issuance documents online. After GCC Emission Reduction Verifier logs-in with their id and password, into internal IHS Markit Registry, they will be able to access this registry. As per the procedures of the GCC Program Process v4.0:

(I) each project Owner has opened an account in IHS Markit registry and has a unique account number and Project id number, which is corresponding to Project Submission No. S0000X (e.g S00001) and once the project owner assigns you as the verifier for conducting emission reduction verification, you can access the request for issuance related documents online via internal IHS Markit public registry; and

(II) after the Issuance request for the specific monitoring period is approved by the GCC Steering Committee, the information and the documents including the monitoring report and the verification report will be publicly available and can be viewed via this link on the IHS Markit public registry website: https://products.markit.com/br-reg/public/public-view/#/account

All the GCC Regulatory documents are available on: https://www.globalcarboncouncil.com/resource-centre.html

GCC methodologies are available on: https://www.globalcarboncouncil.com/baseline-and-monitoring-methodologies.html

CDM Regulatory documents are available on UNFCCC website: https://cdm.unfccc.int/

GCC Operations Team again congratulates Verico SCE and is available for any clarifications, if required.

Your GCC Operations Team