Training of the FGBU “YU. A. IZRAEL INSITUTE OF GLOBAL CLIMATE AND ECOLOGY" has been completed

"Ecopolis Certification and Service", together with the international expert network of ,assembled through Verico, Germany (https://www.verico.eu/en), of which we are participants and official representatives, has completed the training of the  completed the training of specialists of the “YU. A. IZRAEL INSITUTE OF GLOBAL CLIMATE AND ECOLOGY".

The MRV course on Greenhouse Gas Verification for Industrial Installations was successfully delivered, covering the following topics:

      Regulatory framework including ISO 14064/14065/14066 series.
      Monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.
      Review process as a whole.
      Testing in practice.
      Industry-specific competence.

Verico SCE (Germany), as an accredited and registered validation and verification body according to ISO 14065, including ISO 14064-1 (corporate stocks, carbon reporting, carbon footprint) and ISO 14064-2 (emission reduction projects, climate projects), actively participates the activities and provides training for MRV (in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia and other countries).

The international expert network Verico SCE (https://verico.eu/de, Germany), of which Ecopolis Certification and Service is a participant and official representative, holds the appropriate EU ETS accreditation and has the right to verify special reports, the carbon footprint of products in accordance with imposed by the European border carbon tax Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism or abbr. CBAM.

The active participation of Ecopolis Certification and Service in Verico SCE contributes to the international recognition of Russian carbon units, carbon reporting, projects and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, professional development of employees and corporate climate management in Russia!